Ultimate Guide to the New FB Design – Summary

One of the 100 Must Read Design Blogs is Six Revisions, a blog about useful information for web developers and designers.

On 2/18/11 Mario Zelaya posted Ultimate Guide to the New Facebook Design, which summarizes the recent overhaul of the FB pages from a design, usability and web development perspective.

Unless you want to thoroughly analyze the FB site to figure out these changes on your own, here are some of the changes you may or may not have already noticed.


  • No more “Standard” Tabs – now accessed on the left-hand side, under the profile picture.  Max of 6 above the fold.
  • New Photo Strip – Most recent photos you posted or tagged are randomly included in the Photo Strip above the Wall (thumbnails are 96x67px).
  • Profile Pics – Max size 180x540px


  • Admin View of Wall – (Below profile photo) to view Hidden Posts, where you can remove SPAM posts and ban those users.
  • Post as Your Brand – Allowing you to post on other FB pages using your company’s FB page t help drive traffic to your FB page.
  • Your Brand Can “Like” Other Pages – Your “Likes” will show up in your FB page.
  • Fans Count Has Changed – Admins can click to see the names of people who “Like” the page.


  • FB iframes Now on Tabs – No more Facebook Markup Language (FBML).  The page must be using the new FB Page layout.
  • Custom HTML and JavaScript – HTML and JavaScript work flawlessly without restrictions on the iframes, but there are some issues in the iframe display especially if the content is longer than 800px height.
  • FB API for FB Pages – Having advanced knowledge of user’s locale, country, if the viewing user is an admin of the FB page, etc.
  • Saving User Sessions – Important if you’re running contests or creating applications that are user specific, to save sessions so users who enter the Page tab and authenticate themselves can return again and not need to authenticate. (This couldn’t previously be done with FBML.)

Changes are scheduled to take full effect March 10, 2011.


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